See our selection of in-stock bikes at great prices on the Bikes page.

We can also get your bikes to order or we can custom build a bike for you.

There is great value at present incomplete bikes from Merida. Their high-end road and mountain bikes are exceptionally good value when you compare them to some of the more well-known manufacturers. Giant is the worlds biggest bike manufacturer. They constantly research and develop their products. They produce a huge range of bikes which are super reliable and well backed up. 

If you are thinking of buying a new bike we can offer you advice on what is appropriate for your needs and a bike fitting service. All bikes sold in our shop qualify for a free service after 3 weeks.

Cycle to work scheme

The Belfield Bike Shop has lots of experience and many happy customers who have availed of the Government's Cycle to Work Scheme. This scheme was introduced in 2009 to encourage people to commute by bike. On the scheme, your employer provides up to €1000 for a bike and accessories. This sum is then deducted from your pay over a year. But the beauty of the scheme is that the €1000 is not taxed. On the Cycle to Work scheme, the money is deducted before you pay tax on it. The effect of this is that a €1000 bike (and accessories) on the scheme costs you €480 if you are on the higher rate of tax. The scheme seems to have escaped the governments' cuts, you can read the official info on the scheme at   Revenue information for Cycle to Work Scheme

Buy Back Scheme

Another recession beater is our Buy Back Scheme. We can sell you a brand new bike with all the benefits that entail (guarantees etc ). A new bike is more reliable and will have no wear and tear so should not cost you anything in maintenance (except the odd drop of oil) for a good while. 

And when you wish to change it or get rid of it we will buy it back from you for up to 50% of the purchase price. This scheme is especially popular with students who only want a bike for the duration of their academic year. The Buy Back scheme also applies to our second-hand bikes.

But you don't have to be a student to take advantage of this scheme. It is open to anyone. The scheme might suit you if you have guests coming for a prolonged period. You could provide them with a bike at a fraction of the cost of renting.

Some of our other Products!

Tyre Inflators

Tyre Inflators

CO2 inflator from €14.00

CO2 refill cannisters €3.00



1 for €6.00 2 for €10.00


Puncture Repair Kits from €3.00


Tyre Levers from €1.00



Schwable Durano (folding) €50

Continental Gator Skin €48.00

Standard tyres all sizes €20.00

Schwable Marathon Plus €45.00

Puncture resistant tyres all sizes from €30.00


Rain Wear

Waterproof trousers from €25.00

Rain Jacket from €30.00

Over shoes from €25.00

Wide range of rain wear available... 


Brake Blocks

Brake Blocks

V brake (pair) €6.00 (set) €10.00

Brake Pads (for disc brakes) all types stocked from €12.00-€35.00

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