Winter 2012

As we head into Christmas I was reflecting recently on how I'd been out on the bike with Sorrento CC every Saturday for the past 6 or 7 weeks and on none of these occasions did it rain. I dont think we got 3 Saturdays in a row with out rain during the summer.

Often people tell me they would consider cycling to work if the weather was better and we are all guilty of complaning about the Irish weather. However if you sit down and examine it, count the number of times you've got wet (because it is rain that we all really refer to as bad weather ).

They are not that many. Most days since the middle of October I have ridden my bike to and from work to here in Dublin. In that period I've only got a good soaking on two occasions. Maybe I've been lucky. Maybe the few days that I had to drive just happened to be the wet ones. But that is not my memory. As I sat in the traffic most times I drove, I recall enviously watching commuting cyclists pass along the cycle lane unmolested by rain.

Now I'm no expert on climate change but it seems to me that I got more wettings during the summer.If this is the case then I feel very fortunate in this job to spend a number of weeks guiding cyclists in France in the Summer. At least that way I get my ration of sunshine while riding my bike. When the its dull, cold and drizzling here I can let my head go back to one of the tours of the summer to brighten up my day.

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