Spring 2012

We got away lightly this winter. No major freezes. It has been possible to stay on the bike all through the Winter. I am as guilty as most of complaining about the weather in Ireland but when you think about and really examine it, the conditions are not so bad for cycling after all.

Recently someone told me they would not cycle to work as they thought they would be cycling in rain most days. We are probably all guilty of exagerating the rainfall levels in Ireland but a semi scientific review of my almost daily commute to work in Dublin over the past two months (December and January) reveals only two soakings! Add to this the regular spin through Wicklow with the club on Saturdays and I have to go back to before October to remember getting wet on one of these rides.

In many places where they have much nicer summers for cycling, where a racing jersey and shorts are all you need from May to September, our cycling brethren are unable to ride their bikes or even venture out doors for weeks in the winter time. As I write large areas of central Europe are way below zero and roads are unusable. So a belated new years resolution is not to complain about the weather, at least not in the Winter!

Sorrento group dec12

A Sorrento Saturday morning group that remained dry yet again getting ready to depart fro Glen O'Downs  


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