Autumn 2011

We are coming into winter again. The recent rain storms have reminded us of this even if the temperatures are still pretty good for this time of year. Riding in the rain is harder on you and your bike than riding in dry conditions.

From your point of view fitting a pair of mudguards and investing in good waterproofs will go a long way to improving your comfort.

Waterproof over shoes are also a good idea as it is almost impossible to avoid spray from the front wheel in this area.

Cycling in wet conditions is hard on your bike because the water thrown onto the bike will cause corrosion of the gear and brake cables. It can get into the bearings of the moving parts and take grit and dirt with it. This grit can clog up derailleurs, brakes, and cause excessive wear of the chain where it sticks to the oil.

bicycle brake cable

It is a good idea to wash down your bike regularly. Use a hose (but not a power hose as it will blast the grease out of bearings) and rinse off all the grit. Then get some warm water with car shampoo and wash everything using a soft brush or rags. When you have finished wipe the chain and gears with a cloth soaked with degreaser and oil the chain with a light oil. if you find your rear brakes are not opening after you pull them and are rubbing the rim of the wheel you may need a new brake cable and casing. The corrosion can cause the cable to stick to the casing that surrounds it. Sometimes slipping the casing out of the stops on the frame and lubing the cable in the area that is normally hidden by the casing can solve this problem.

2011-09-22 15.28.46

They said think big but you wont get this one on the Cycle to Work Scheme. A photo op in the Jura on Paris-Geneva

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