Remembering the summer 2011

Did this happen, did we have a summer? From a biking point of view it seems like the autumn was the season. Warmer dryer weather than most of the year. We were guiding groups for most of September on two big tours; Paris to Geneva and Paris to Nice (through our sister company Cycling Safaris which organises these events). Happily France benefited even more from the the Indian Summer that graced most of Europe.

Bowling along the rolling back roads of Burgundy in the still air we needed our gillets in the mornings but were stripping off by lunch.

In the afternoons it was not just the temperatures that made us thirsty. When you ride through towns like Chablis and Beaune you cant but think of the products they are famous for.

We returned to Paris to guide a group riding Paris-Nice to raise funds for Special Olympics. The first two days of the route were almost the same but the temperatures on the second run were 6C-8C higher on the second run. The only time we put on a gillet or a jacket was to descend Mount Ventoux. This monumental climb is famed for its extreme weather conditions but this was my second time climbing it and on both occasions conditions were perfect for a heat seeker like me. As we continued south through Provence the weather got warmer and by the time we arrived in Nice we were dealing with 31C. God I love this job!



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